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2018. január 6., szombat

HLBS - SILVER formula (in English)

HLBS - SILVER formula
with the recommendation of OptiSun Optika

SILVER formula Skin Regenerating Spray

It helps the regeneration of the skin from epithelial injuries and is suitable for relieving the unpleasant symptoms of sunburn and insect bites on the skin. It soothes irritated and acne-stricken skin. Spray directly on the skin 2–3 times from a distance of about 10 cm and rub it into the skin, or leave it to absorb completely for 2–3 minutes. If the symptoms do not improve, repeat every 3 hours until they subside. It is also recommended as effective complementary treatment against minor inflammations (e.g. gingivitis).

Humic acid, fulvic acid: skin regenerating, antiviral properties, they block harmful UV radiation.
Rhodiola rosea extract: increases physical endurance and fitness. Strengthens the immune system (the body’s resistance) and relieves pain. It stimulates brain activity, slows down brain ageing and helps solving sexual problems. It protects the heart and has a beneficial effect on the circulation. It stimulates insulin production and improves insulin sensitivity. It supports the liver’s detoxifying function.
Colloidal silver: antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, a strong natural antibiotic.
50 ml

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