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2017. november 2., csütörtök

HLBS - Coffee Instant (in English)

HLBS - Coffee Instant
with the recommendation of OptiSun Optika

Coffee Instant Specialty coffee with taurine, guarana and inulin

A healthy coffee that effectively invigorates with the blend of guarana and coffee, while its taurine and inulin ingredients eliminate the harmful side effects of regular coffee.

Ingredients: Instant coffee (40,9%), taurine, dietary fiber (inulin), guarana extract
30 sachet × 4,15 g

Source >>> HLBS Product Catalogue 

More on the Ingredients in Hungarian:
Taurin >>> HLBS - Alapanyagok - Taurin
Inulin >>> HLBS - Alapanyagok - Csicsókaőrlemény - Inulin
Guarana >>> HLBS - Alapanyagok - Guarana

Why is HLBS Coffee Instant?
Why is HLBS Instant Coffee?

- It can be consumed several times a day.
- It does not raise blood pressure.
- No toxic or other side effects
- Its absorption is excellent
- Quality taste experience.
- Faster and lasting invigorating effect
- Many beneficial effects on health due to taurine, guarana and inulin

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