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2017. október 22., vasárnap

HLBS - Chocolate (in English)

HLBS - Chocolate
with the recommendation of OptiSun Optika

Chocolate without guilt!
The HLBS removed the guilt from the chocolate.

One of HLBS well-loved products is chocolate, which makes most people’s heart beat faster.
When it comes to regular chocolate, one bite is enough to bring the anxiety of gaining weight to most people’s minds. While regular chocolate is only consumed for pleasure, our customers can also enjoy health benefits alongside the delight.

The feeling of guilt that strikes when eating chocolate is now a thing of the past; our products
do not contain any harmful ingredients, not even sugar, so why would you deprive yourself of this little pleasure? These chocolates, which are packed with nutrients to protect health, have the additional benefit of supporting detoxification and weight loss.

These healthy and high quality chocolates are a favourite with children, therefore it is a great alternative to offer to them.

HLBS chocolates are sugar free, sweetened with erythriol and stevia, they contain humic acid and are available in the following flavours:
dark chocolate with garlic, dark chocolate with red grape seed, dark chocolate with psyllium seed husk,
dark chocolate with sea buckthorn, dark chocolate with ganoderma, dark chocolate, milk chocolate.

Source >>> HLBS Product Catalogue 

More on the Ingredients in Hungarian:
Humic acid >>> HLBS - Alapanyagok - Huminanyagok
Garlic >>> HLBS - Alapanyagok - Fokhagyma
Red grape seed >>>  HLBS - Alapanyagok - Vörösszőlőmag 
Psyllium Husk >>> HLBS - Alapanyagok - Útifűmaghéj
Buckthorn >>> HLBS - Alapanyagok - Homoktövis
Ganoderma >>> HLBS - Alapanyagok - Ganoderma
Raspberry >>> HLBS - Alapanyagok - Liofilizált málna

HLBS (humic acid premium) dark chocolate:
- Garlic dark chocolate
- Ganoderma dark chocolate
- Buckthorn dark chocolate
- Psyllium Husk dark chocolate (Silhouette chocolate)
- Red grape seed dark chocolate
- CHOCOPATHY ASSORTED (mixed chocolate)

HLBS (humic acid premium) milk chocolates:

- Humic acid milk chocolate
Raspberry milk chocolate  

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HLBS - Life is good with us.

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