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2017. november 2., csütörtök

HLBS - Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid (in English)

HLBS - Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid
More on the Ingredients

These two beneficial cosmetic ingredients have skin regenerating effect and they can shorten the skin’s recovery period from sunburn or any epithelial injuries by as much as half or two thirds. They reduce swellings by neutralizing the toxins entered into the system.
By virtue of their antiviral effect, they offer great help in case of emerging or existing herpes.
In the event of sunburn, they block the harmful effects of UV radiation.

When introduced into the body, humic and fulvic acids bind free radicals, which means that they have high antioxidant content. The humic substances restore the acid-base balance of the body. The organic mineral complexes composed of natural humic and fulvic acids have the capacity to penetrate the cell wall, thus contributing to the absorption of nutrients that are vital for our body and for our organs.

Humic acids contain more than 80 minerals, microelements and trace elements indispensable for the body in the form of natural organic complexes. Fulvic acid is both base soluble and acid soluble, and is one of the most biologically active molecules in nature. It is a cellular level detoxifying agent and can boost the activity of certain substances, such as Q10, flavonoids and polyphenols.

Humic substances are essential for the optimal performance of the body: detoxification, transformation of inorganic materials into organic ones and their absorption into the body at the cellular level – this is also the reason why we chose them as main ingredients for our food supplements and skin care products, such as our skin care product with LH+ fulvic acid.

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